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Get ready for 2023: Intro to Mimiran, the fun, "anti-CRM" for independent consultants

How many conversations do you need to have to meet your goals?

How do you make that happen?

Get organized and take control of business development as an independent consultant, without stress and while actually having fun!

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December 8th | 11:00 am CST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Why Sales and Marketing Seems to Suck

It's not that you're an idiot. It's that you have a lot of hats and you don't have the strategy, tools, and process to make things easier.

How to nurture your existing relationships, and develop new ones

Without stress, and without being sales-y. So you can not only get more referrals, but turn more of those referrals into clients.

The Foundational Mistake Consultants Make (and how to fix it)

Why you're accidentally making it harder on yourself. (The last thing you want is to make sales and marketing harder, right?)

How to get clients without stress, even when you're busy with delivery

Whether you have an hour per week or 40 hours per week for business development, here's how you can make the most of that time, to avoid feast or famine.


About Reuben Swartz

Reuben Swartz is the founder of Mimiran, the fun CRM for independent consultants who love serving clients but hate "selling".

He's also the host and chief nerd on the Sales for Nerds podcast.

He went from a background in computer science and software engineering to sales and marketing consulting for the Fortune 500, while struggling with sales and marketing for his own firm.

His mission is to help other independent consultants make a bigger dent in the universe and get more clients by using their talents to teach instead of market, connect instead of network, and help instead of sell.

December 8th
11:00 am CST